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Own A Campground: What's It Like?

Ditch the Office Life: Here’s What It’s Like to Own A Campground

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If you dream of getting outdoors and away from the office life, one possibility is owning a campground. There are thousands of places to camp around the country, and plenty of them are privately owned. Some are near national parks. Others are great spots for locals to spend a night outdoors. Outdoors.com spoke to three campground owners around the country and shared what it’s like to start and operate a campground.

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Hotels We Love: The Lodge at Jackson Hole

The Lodge at Jackson Hole is a winter wonderland, offering a quintessential Wyoming experience. Guests can indulge in the warmth of elegantly appointed rooms, complete with marble bathrooms and in-room fireplaces, while feeling close to the primitive wilderness. The lodge's heated indoor/outdoor pool offers a restorative escape, surrounded by evergreen forests. Winter at the lodge is a true adventure, with opportunities for sleigh rides through the National Elk Refuge, skiing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding, all against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

We have all had those days outdoors where we are miserable because we can’t keep our extremities warm. Extremely cold temperatures call for a winter glove that goes above and beyond a standard winter glove.

Extras like a fleece lining, waterproof or water-resistant coating, and a windproof membrane can make the difference between comfort and chronically cold fingers while winter hiking or other activities. Read on to see all our picks of the best gloves for any extreme cold situation.

If you missed it, last week we highlighted a new 2024 Camping Report from The Dyrt, which surveyed thousands of people. They say an estimated 84.8 million camped in 2023. That’s about one in every four Americans. Check out the report below.

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