Florida Man vs. Gator

"Don't mess with me, I do jiujitsu" - Florida Man

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Mike Dragich, a self-described Marine, fighter, and Florida man who loves Jesus and likes kicking ass, shared a jarring video where he trying to wrangle a gator near a highway.

In the video, Dragich is seen wearing tights, a fitted T-shirt, and crocs while trying to capture an alligator with a catch pole.

At first, the gator hisses and intimidates, but the muscle man eventually snags the animal. There's a bit of a tussle, some death rolls, and then finally Dragich mounts the gator from behind. He grabs its mighty jaws and tapes them shut.

Exactly why Dragich is out apprehending alligators — as opposed to animal control or wildlife officers — is unclear. However, he's reportedly a licensed trapper. And, according to his profile, he also likes "catchin' gators" and has founded outdoor projects such as Project Savior Outdoors and Blue Collar Hunts, and he's shared other videos of himself capturing alligators with his pole.

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