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🧊 The Ultimate Guide to Coolers

Plus: Vandals Destroy Ancient Rock Formations at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Purchasing a cooler can be a pricey endeavor, especially if you are looking for the best of the best. Here’s some of our top picks.

How to Live Out All Your Cowboy Dreams in Colorado

Colorado has a rich history as part of America’s Wild West. That past is part of what makes the state so unique, in addition to all the incredible opportunities for adventure.

From staying at a dude ranch, going to a rodeo, horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park, or visiting the Gunnison Pioneer Museum, you can experience all of Colorado’s western heritage.

If you’re ready to explore the magic of the Wild West and stretches of untamed wilderness, Colorado is a great place to tap into your inner cowboy or cowgirl!

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Explore even more with this guide on Alaska.

Why? That’s the question so many people are asking after seeing a viral video of two vandals destroying ancient rock formations at Lake Mead National Recreation Area outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.


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